Our Favorite Spooky Spots to Celebrate Halloween

There is no better time to celebrate some of our favorite spooktacular travel destinations. We absolutely love Halloween and love discovering new places to indulge our superstitions, so this month we are going to highlight some of our favorite haunted destinations. First up is Savannah, GA!  Savannah, GA Often called “The Most Haunted City in America”, Savannah has no shortage… Read More »Our Favorite Spooky Spots to Celebrate Halloween

Yellow Sky Travel does Las Vegas (during COVID)

Disclaimer: We understand that travel is not feasible for everyone right now. We are fortunate to live in households that are not at high risk for COVID-19 complications. This trip was an opportunity for us to experience travel during COVID for ourselves. We have many clients planning to travel this year, so we hope that any information or advice we… Read More »Yellow Sky Travel does Las Vegas (during COVID)

Glamping at Collective Vail

Getting Away while Social Distancing When social distancing protocols began, my friend Melissa and I decided to label our families “quarantine buddies”. After all, we live on the same street, our husbands work together, and our girls were in the same 1st grade classroom. Most importantly, we trust each other to maintain appropriate protections in order to keep each other… Read More »Glamping at Collective Vail